Choral music by Schütz, Bach, Brahms, and others
Hamburg Chamber Singers on tour in England

The Hamburg Chamber Singers, consisting of two individual choirs from Hamburg (Germany), will present their new program ‚A Pure Heart‘ with magnificent music for double-choir from Germany and England on their concert tour in early October. The vocal ensemble Lux Æterna and the Niendorf Kammerchor have teamed up to sing concerts in London, Derby and Nottingham. The repertoire spans from Heinrich Schütz’s double-choir setting ‚Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied‘, J. S. Bach’s great motet ‚Der Geist hilft unser Schwachheit auf‘, and Mendelssohn’s ‚Warum toben die Heiden‘ to Roderick Williams’s ‚O Adonai‘. The two ensembles already presented a program in 2017 called ‚The Flame Of Fire‘, which they presented in the new Elbphilharmonie, amongst other venues. The title of the current program, ‚A Pure Heart‘, alludes to the concert tour to England on the one hand and Johannes Brahms‘ motet ‚Create in me, God, a pure heart‘ on the other.

The Choirs

The Ensemble Lux Æterna was founded in Hamburg-Harburg in 1996, based on the shared motivation to perform choral music at a high level. The currently more than twenty members are amateurs with different musical backgrounds and extensive choral experience.

The Kammerchor Niendorf is a selected congregational choir with about 25 singers. Since 1993 it has been devoted to demanding a-capella music. The repertoire includes secular and sacred a-cappella music by Schütz, Bach, Mendelssohn, Poulenc, Britten, Rutter and others.

The Conductors

Gudrun Fliegner was Director of Music at the Kirche am Markt in Hamburg-Niendorf until July 2019, where she was in charge of the Kantorei, the Kammerchor and the Gospel Choir, and planned services and concerts. Since August she is now the ‚Island Cantor‘ on Norderney.

Christoph Schlechter has been conducting Lux Aeterna since 2013. He holds an A-Diploma in Church Music from the HfMT Hamburg and an Artist Diploma in Choral Conducting from the Yale School of Music (Connecticut, USA). He is currently working as a freelance church musician and choirmaster in the Hamburg area and as a lecturer for choral and orchestral conducting at the School of Music and Theatre in Hannover.


Sunday, Sept 29th 2019, 6 pm
Premiere Concert
Christuskirche Norderstedt-Garstedt

Thursday, Oct 3rd 2019, 1 pm
Lunchtime Concert
St James’s Church Paddington (London)

Friday, Oct 4th 2019, 1 pm
Lunchtime Concert
Derby Cathedral

Saturday, Oct 5th 2019, 11 am
Lunchtime Concert,
St Peter’s Church Nottingham

Sunday, Oct 6th 2019, 6:30 pm
St John’s Church Notting Hill (London)

Thursday, Oct 31st 2019, 7 pm
Kirche am Markt, Niendorf (Hamburg)

Friday, Nov 1st 2019, 7:30 pm
St. Maria Harburg (Hamburg)

Saturday, Nov 2nd 2019, 6 pm
St. Johannis Eppendorf (Hamburg)